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A parenting workshop and support group to address intensity in young children. Caregivers who are struggling to manage defiance, emotional outbursts, impulsivity, and other challenging behaviors may find this program useful. The goal is to empower parents to channel their child's intensity into positive endeavors.

In the 2-hour workshop, we will introduce the theory behind this parenting model and provide concrete strategies to implement it. Caregivers will receive a handout that summarizes these ideas. 

Summer 2022 Workshop information: 

  • Monday June 20, from 6-8pm

  • Workshop is held virtually via Zoom. 

  • Billing: Pay what you can, suggested donation of $30

  • Workshop is in English

  • Facilitator​: Hannah Wurster, PhD, LMFT

  • Learn more about the Nurtured Heart Approach at their website 

This group is targeted for parents of young children (ages 2-8), but it is open to all. Parents of older children may join but may not find it as useful. 

For additional support, parents are invited to our drop-in parent group, Roots & Branches (information linked here). Based on interest, additional support groups may be added. 

To join the workshop, email Hannah: