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A group private practice & network of providers with the goal of supporting parental, infant, and early childhood mental health in Larimer County.


At the Willow Collective, we believe that children grow best in trusting and safe relationships with supported and healthy caregivers.

We aim to transform our community so that expectant parents and families of infants and young children have access to a wide array of services that meet their diverse needs. 

Therefore, our goals are to:

  1. Provide high-quality parent, infant, and early childhood mental health services.

  2. Create a hub at which families and professionals can access resources and connect to mental health services.

  3. Build a network of providers and resources to meet the needs of families in the perinatal and early childhood life stages.

  4. Offer consultation, training, and support to those who work with infants, young children, and their families.

  5. Collaborate with other professionals and institutions in order to build a coordinated system of care that meets the needs of all families. 

Why Willow? A willow tree bends but does not break. We aim to use strong relationships to promote resilience and initiate healing processes. We hope that when stressors (large or small) arise, our children, adults, families, and communities will be able to withstand them. 

Image by Rodolfo Sanches Carvalho

Human relationships are primary in all of living.

When the gusty winds blow and shake our lives, if we know that people care about us, we may bend with the wind...

but we won't break.

Mr. Rogers


All of our services are aimed at supporting strong relationships and building upon strengths.

Our services are targeted at serving families from the pregnancy stage through early childhood.

We welcome clients of any race, ethnicity, gender identity, sexuality, class, and ability.


Some of our programs are grant-funded, and all of our staff accept Medicaid. Some staff are able to accept private insurance. We can also connect clients with partner providers, many of whom accept Medicaid and/or private insurance. We do not want cost to be a barrier, so we aim to support families regardless of financial situation.

Clients who pay out of pocket are entitled to a "Good Faith Estimate" that describes the cost and estimated duration of service. Our privacy notice can be reviewed by clicking here.

The Willow Collective is a training program. We work with various master's level interns from CSU and other universities, and these interns are an invaluable asset to our team as they work with clients and support our programs.


Learn more about our programs and services in the "services" menu at the top of the page. 

You may refer a family or enroll yours by clicking the following link:

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Prior to making a referral for yourself or for a family, please review our services continuum, which can guide decisions about the appropriate level of care. Our referral manager will review care options with families upon making contact, as well.

Please complete the following HIPAA-compliant form to submit a referral for services (for yourself or another person).

Form is not optimized for mobile, so you may want to click here for an external link. 

If needed, email releases to


Please do not use this form in the case of mental or physical health emergency.

Instead, call 911 or Colorado Crisis Services: 970-494-4200.



What's next?

After we receive a referral, we follow these steps:

1. Contact the client to gather additional information. If we are unable to reach the client after a few attempts, we will close the referral. 

2. Identify an appropriate provider/program for the client. If none are available, we contact the client and/or referrer to discuss next steps.

3. Connect the client with the identified provider/program to start services.

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