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Group Programs

Group therapy, support groups, and group learning are all great ways to bolster mental health, grow through challenges, learn new things, and build community. We offer a variety of supportive group programs to meet our clients' needs, especially parents who are expecting, recently had a baby, or are raising a young child. Some groups are paired with child programming in which our staff provide developmental support while parents are in group.

If you are interested in any of our groups or if you know somebody who may benefit, click the "refer/enroll" button to be directed to our secure referral form. Our referral manager will be in touch soon to discuss which services might be the best fit. 

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Nurturing Connections

Nurturing Connections is a group to support postpartum mothers/birthing persons and their babies in building healthy, meaningful relationships during the postpartum period. The program combines group therapy and parent-baby support. Our goal is to promote mental health and build healthy parent-baby attachments. Individuals struggling with postpartum depression or anxiety, birth trauma, or any other stressors around pregnancy/birth may benefit from this group. Registration is required.

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Mental Wellness Yoga

Explore a slow, gentle, and balanced yoga flow through forms and postures designed to reconnect the body and mind. Experience choice and empowerment as you are offered a variety of options and modifications, creating a safe space to be fully present. Designed from the trauma sensitive yoga model, sequences are similar each week so you can focus on mindfulness of your breath, slowing of the mind, and re-connecting with your body. Open to any adults. Registration is required.

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Circle of Security: Parenting

Circle of Security: Parenting is a compassionate program to support parents of children ages 0-6 in building strong & trusting relationships with their young children. In this group, parents reflect upon their child’s emotional needs and how to sensitively respond. The goal is to foster a secure attachment, which has many social-emotional, behavioral, and cognitive benefits. The group consists of educational videos, reflective questions, and group discussions. Registration is required.

Learn more here.

Caring Dads

The Caring Dads program works with fathers to change patterns of abuse, increase fathers’ awareness and application of child-centered fathering and to promote respectful co-parenting with children’s mothers. Registration is required.

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Roots & Branches

Roots & Branches is a free, drop-in play group for families of children 5 and under. Parents are invited to build community, share about their experiences, and offer each other support. Children participate in child programming with our trained staff. Child programming is limited to ages 0-5. Registration is not required, and you are welcome to join at any time!

Learn more here.

Upcoming: Foster & Kinship Support Group

The foster care system can be confusing and difficult to navigate. The Foster & Kinship Support Group provides a safe and compassionate place for foster and kinship parents to gather and connect with others who can relate to these challenges. This group is not currently running, but individuals who are interested may join an interest list to be notified when the group begins.

Learn more here.

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