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Individual and Family Support Services

Care Coordination

Everyone who is referred to the Willow Collective receives initial care coordination with our referral manager to ensure that they are matched with the right care.

Additional sessions of care coordination are available to those who would benefit from additional resources and/or services. 

Funding: Medicaid or grant-funded.

Individual & Family Therapy

We serve individuals in the prenatal or postpartum stage of life and families of young children (ages 0-5).

Therapy services are targeted to those who have significant trauma or mental health concerns that cannot be addressed sufficiently with other support services. When we are not able to match someone internally on our team, we can make referrals to partner providers or other agencies. 

We know that healing and growth occurs most readily in the context of strong relationships. Thus, when working with individual adults, we aim to bolster natural support systems. When working with children, we collaborate with and involve their caregivers closely. 

Funding: Medicaid, Anthem/BCBS, Aetna, private pay

Peer Support

Our peer support specialists are individuals with lived expertise and specialized training in supporting others. Peers come alongside parents to offer a support in a variety of ways. This can include: individual or family support, social support groups, and guidance around accessing resources and other services.

Funding: Medicaid (RMHP)

Our peers are currently offering a free summer group for the whole family. It begins on July 15th from 9:30-10:30.

Learn more here.

Next Steps

Interested in learning more about our services and which might be a good fit for you? 

Click "refer/enroll" below to access our secure referral form. Our referral manager will be in touch soon to discuss your options.

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