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*Coming this Fall!
Caregivers who are struggling to manage their child's challenging behaviors may find this group useful. It is also a good fit for any caregiver looking to learn effective tools for behavior and emotion management.

This 8 week group will follow concepts from the book "How to Talk so Little Kids will Listen" by Joanna Faber and Julie King. These concepts are aimed at helping parents meet their children's emotional needs, while also supporting cooperation and age-appropriate autonomy.

Parents/caregivers will meet weekly to learn parenting tools, share successes and challenges, problem-solve together, and support each other. 

  • Group will be one hour weekly in person. 

  • Billing: Medicaid, Anthem/BCBS, or private pay. Scholarships available.

  • Group is in English

  • Facilitators to be announced 

  • Parents will receive a book and handouts to use during group keep as resources. 

  • This group is targeted for parents of young children (ages 2-6).

*Note that this group has replaced our previous workshop, "Parenting the Intense Child." We believe that this group will be more supportive to parents struggling with behavioral concerns.